STEP 1 - Introduction

Aim of this blog is to explain how a website can be created.

What I Am Going To Explain
In this blog I am explaining you how to create a simple website and host it on the Internet. (Please note when i mean a simple website i mean a very basic one. It displays only your name, an image and something called as Hyperlink which i will explain later.)

Who Can Create A Website
From my point of view if basics are explained clearly anybody who knows English, a little bit of computers and has some common sense can create a basic website in 1 or 2 days. If you have to create a professional website then you have to put in some hard work(3 to 4 months at least).

Steps That We Are Going To Follow
* First we create a 2 page website and host it on our local desktop or laptop computer.
* Second we upload the same 2 page website on the internet.